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R.T.F Freedom Sessions

Is there an area of your life where you want to walk in total freedom? RTF Freedom Sessions is a safe haven set up to release you into wholeness, freedom and deliverance in pretty much any area of your life where you feel stuck including spiritual, emotional and beyond. I will guide you through changing your mindsets through spirit based discernment and inner healing tools.​

Whether its fear, anxiety, lack of hope, confusion, lack of direction, feeling disconnected from God or any area at all you are currently feeling stuck, these freedom sessions are designed to help you go after freedom through the help of the Holy Spirit who knows it all!  


I am offering your first session free for a limited time. ​​ Book your session below.




I have a 3-Level supernatural ministry school certification and many years of experience with online and in person ministration. am not a professional therapist, psychological counselor, etc. If you are not open to receive ministry from a believer who wants to seek the Lord with you, this is not a session for you. Thanks for cooperation.

Book Your Spot

  • Encountering freedom through spirit based discernment & inner healing ...

    45 min

  • Encountering freedom through spirit-based discernment and inner healin...

    45 min

    Sug minimum - $50
  • Changing mindsets through spirit based discernment and inner healing t...

    45 min

    50 US dollars
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